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Equine Massage Therapy by Paula Shea


The number of massage therapists and other bodywork professionals in the animal world is quickly growing, and it is important that you choose a practitioner with whom you are confident and comfortable.
Paula is a well-qualified, experienced and passionate animal massage therapist, who is committed to continued education to provide a quality service.  The results speak for themselves, and most clients become repeat customers!  Here are a few comments from happy horse and dog owners:


"[After his massage, my horse] was more balanced in his bad direction. He also is less sensitive about the area in front of his withers" -anon.


"Paula is so talented with what she does, and really knows her stuff! My dog doesn't like strangers, but he is so relaxed when she's here." -Judy


"I wish I had started massages sooner, it has made such a difference!" -anon.


"Paula is THE massage therapist in eastern PA! Her work speaks for itself - one look at the absolute bliss and relaxation on your horse's face and you will be SOLD. [...] She is the consummate professional, and her kind nature, patience, and gentle but firm handling make her someone I trust with my animals. There is no one I would rather have work on my furry kids" -Allison K.


"Some people are just meant to work with animals, and have a special connection to them - Paula is one of them" -anon.


"I thought I was just treating my horse to a 'spa day' - I had no idea how professional and effective massage therapy was for animals! His whole personality has improved." -anon.



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