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Equine Massage Therapy by Paula Shea

Services and Rates

A fully body equine massage session takes between 45 and 75 minutes, depending both on the size of the horse and the number of muscle spasms (knots), and overall muscle tension.  Rates are charged on a per session basis, not by time, and your horse will be provided with a complete and thorough whole body massage.

Each session includes a brief evaluation at the start, and a summary report afterwards, with any recommendations (e.g. referral for saddle fitting, suggested stretches, etc.).  The first session may take longer than average.

Discounts are given for multiple horses receiving massages during the same visit to one location.  For convenience to group together with friends, it is not necessary for the horses to have the same owner to receive this discount.


2015 rates for equine massage:

1 horse: $55

2 to 4 horses: $50 each

5 or more horses: $45 each

There is no travel fee for distances less than 30 miles from zipcode 19539.  Fees for greater distances:

30-45 miles: $10
>45-60 miles: $20

The massage session can take place either at your barn or on showgrounds (with permission from manager/owner). Pre- or post-event massages are charged at the same rates as above.

Travel fees are per visit, not per horse.  Please email to request quotes for locations farther than 60 miles.




Ask about free demonstrations!


Starting in 2014, my primary focus is on equine massage, but I do still perform canine massages at request.

Canine massage sessions take approximately 30-45 minutes

2015 rates for canine massage:

1 dog: $45

2 to 4 dogs: $40 each

5 or more dogs: $35 each


Please note: 5 is the maximum that may be booked during a single visit (horses or dogs)


Quotes provided in writing through email (for an accurately given location and number of pets) are guaranteed.  Payment is due at the time of service.  Cash or check will be accepted.

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